7 Indoor Gardening Supplies To Keep Plants Lush & Healthy

Many people believe that houseplants are immune from common garden pests such as mites, fungus gnats and powdery mildew. These diseases can also spread to indoor plants, especially if there are frequent additions of new botanicals.

Pests and diseases that affect houseplants are usually brought home by a parent who is unaware of the infection. This spreads the disease to their plants. This can be avoided by allowing a potted plant to rest for a few weeks before you place it next to other plants.

Furthermore, proper care, including fertilizing during spring and summer, can make your plants stronger, healthier, and better equipped for dealing with pests and diseases.

You can take every precaution possible but still have an infected plant. This is a fact of gardening and plant ownership. We stock our plant care shop in top-rated, all-purpose, houseplant fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticidal sprays to ensure your plants are healthy and happy.

Indoor Gardening Essentials


A hardy time-release fertilizer is a good choice if you are concerned about fertilizer leaking during waterings. Fertilizer contains phosphorus and magnesium as well as crystalline compounds. It provides continuous sustenance for four months.

This mixture can be mixed into the potting soil, or sprinkled on top.

Neem Oil

This spray can be used as an all-purpose natural miticide, insecticide, or fungicide. It is essentially an organic gardening jack of all trades. This spray uses neem oil to kill pests, eggs and larvae that are associated with leaf spot, black spot and downy mildew.

Spray all surfaces of the plant (including the undersides) until they are wet. Re-apply every seven to fourteen days. Re-apply every 7 to 14 days to stop the spread of disease.

Sticky Stakes for Houseplants

Safer Brand houseplant sticky stakes can be used to control midges, whiteflies and fungus gnats. The three-to four yellow sticky strips on each green stake attract pests like magnets, without the need for harmful pesticides.

To release pests, simply stick one in the soil. Then, gently shake the plant. Toss the stake when the strip is full and replace it with a new one.

Houseplant Special Fertilizer

Special Fertilizer is a specialized fertilizer that can be used to give your houseplants their royal treatment. It’s suitable for Philodendrons and Pothos as well as Spathiphyllum and Dracaenas.

This top-rated fertilizer was specifically formulated to houseplants in order to maintain nutrient levels and prevent nutrient stress due over- or under-feeding.

Liquid Copper Fungicide

It can be hard to identify fungal problems like early blight, powdery mildew and powdery mildew. The liquid copper fungicide is an effective antidote. It’s inexpensive, simple to use, and, most importantly, it works. Spray a thin layer of copper fungicide on the affected stems and leaves until they are wet. Repeat this process every 7-10 days.

Deadbug Brew

Your one-and-done answer to all your pest problems, including borers and beetles, bagworms, borers and caterpillars as well as codling moths, gypsy moths, codling moths, gypsy molts, loopers, leaf miners spider mites, tent caterpillars and more.

Deadbug Beer is made with Spinosad. This natural substance, which is suitable for organic gardening, is made from a soil bacteria that kills all kinds of insects.

Insecticidal Soap

This spray is formulated with Garden Safe(r), Insecticidal soap. It kills mites and mealybugs on contact, as well as scale insects, whiteflies, and psyllids.

For best results, shake the container well and spray mildew or pesticides directly. Spray all parts of your plant, including the stems and undersides, until they are wet.

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