How to choose a pot that complements your plant

Although it may seem easy to choose a plant pot, there are many factors that you should consider. While you may want the pot to match your decor and other plants, it is important to consider drainage and size when choosing a plant pot. Ultimately, indoor plants are about their health and longevity. Find out how to select a pot to complement your plant.

How to choose a pot: Drainage

When choosing a pot to house your plant baby, drainage is the most important aspect. The roots will not have enough air and water can’t drain from the bottom of the pott without proper holes. Overwatering can cause root rot, yellowing leaves and fungus, which can then lead to other life-threatening problems. A tray that can be placed underneath the pot to catch any water standing should also be purchased. Make sure you empty the pot frequently.

How to choose a pot: Size

To ensure that your houseplant grows well, the pot should be at least six inches wider than the existing root ball. This will ensure that your houseplant is properly nourished each time you water it. Any smaller than this and you run the risk of overwatering. It’s time for a new container to be purchased and re-potted once the roots have begun to grow through the drainage holes, or along the top.

How to choose a pot: Material

Outdoor pots are available in many materials. Indoor pots, however, tend to be made of ceramic or plastic. They retain water longer than ceramic pots, which is great for absent-minded plant parents who forget to water. They are also more affordable and easier to clean. Ceramic plant pots, on the other hand, are porous. They can help drain excess moisture from the soil and aid in drainage. Ceramic pots are a better choice for people who overwater their houseplants. All Bloomscape plants are pre-potted with eco-friendly Ecopots, which can be recycled up to 80 percent of their plastic content.

Style: How to choose a pot

Although the design of your pot is entirely up to you, indoor plant decor should consider the color and style of the flowers and foliage. You want your decorative pots to compliment the plant and their surroundings, not overwhelm them. This is why our sustainable and pots are designed with minimalism in mind. They have a sleek silhouette that emphasizes the beauty of each plant and are available in five muted colors that reflect Michigan, the home of our brands.

  • * Clay: A classic, understated brown that is inspired by warm sand dunes.
  • * Stone: A cool, almost-white, clean gray that is inspired by limestone.
  • * Slate: Cool, blue-gray that was inspired by stormy skies.
  • * Indigo: Deep, saturated blue inspired from the waters of Lake Michigan.
  • * Charcoal is a deep, dark grey color that was inspired by the wet river rocks.

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